FPS Europe Cargo loads 9 tugs in Shanghai, ships them to Netherlands

FAMOUS Pacific Shipping (FPS Group), a forwarder-NVOCC network with a permanent secretariat in Hong Kong, has moves nine Damen Stan tugboats from Shanghai to Gorinchem, in the Netherlands.
Specifically, the job was done by FPS member Europe Cargo of Belgium, which moved five Type 1606s, each weighing 86 tonnes, and four Type 1205s, each weighing 55 tonnes – were loaded on deck and in the hold of MS Clipper Marlene (a multi-purpose vessel owned by Clipper of Denmark) secured to custom-built transport cradles.

On arrival in Rotterdam, the tugs were released from their cradles and offloaded onto the quay using the ship’s own three 60 tonne capacity deck cranes. A 200-tonne mobile shore crane was then deployed to lower the tugs into the water, as the outreach of the ship’s own gear was insufficient. The cradles were discharged separately onto waiting trailers. All operations were completed in a single working day. Once in the water, the tugs were transported 40 kilometres by pushboats to the Damen yard at Gorinchem, where they were to be fitted out.