20th FPS Group AGM

A huge thanks to everyone involved in making our 20th FPS Group AGM a huge success. I would personally like to thank everyone for attending and celebrating our 20 years together. Being the oldest consolidation group in the world is a huge achievement which is due to our members, most have been part of FPS Group since inception back in 1999. Many of our companies have been operating for 25 or more years which shows the strength of FPS name in the market. Seeing so many familiar faces in Ningbo was extremely pleasing and glad we could all share this special moment together. We also need to thank the 11 new companies which attended, who are the next generation of the FPS Group and will help us reach new miles stones which no other network has reached. The atmosphere during the fair well dinner shows the unity and friendships which exist, even the rain couldn’t put a dampener on the night.

We announced the 2019 AGM will be held in Thailand and in future will be organised by the Advisory Board rather than having one of our members being the host. The AB has recognised the importance for our conference’s being in countries which are central and easy for all members to attend. Previously we have held our AGM’s in all parts of the world which occasionally have been difficult to reach or obtain visa’s. Our new approach will take this aspect into consideration and ensure our attendance will continue to increase each year.

It’s extremely pleasing reaching the 101 attendance mark for our milestone 20 year AGM and next year we will lift the bar and aim for 200 delegates. The FPS Group is unique by being semi exclusive however we will work towards attracting members from areas we don’t currently have coverage. As mentioned by Kettivit during the AGM Forum, if each of us invite one company we currently work with, we will exceed our expectations and at the same time create so many more business opportunities for all members. I have already received several members recommending other consolidators to the FPS Group which we are evaluating as we speak. We put the challenge to you all and request everyone to put forward one company each. Not only will it make our 2019 AGM remarkable, it will ensure the next generation coming into our group help’s strengthen our image in the market.

An initiative we will be offering for our 2019 AGM is sponsorship packages for members as well as leading industry service providers. This will be extended to sponsoring the Cocktail Party, Gala Dinner, VIP Tables for One to One meetings as well as several other options which will help promote your companies. We will also be inviting several services providers such as Maersk who have shown interest as well as software providers and the IT industry provider, Halcyon Data Systems which I mentioned during the forum. If anyone is interested in any of the sponsorship options, please direct your enquiry to Cindy Ko who can provide you more details.

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FPS 20th Anniversary

It’s been 20 awesome years of expansion in the business. We had a successful four days event that was held last October 23 to 26 in Westin Hotel, Ningbo, China. Numerous amount of attendees who came from different parts of the world have fun and bond with us as we celebrate this precious moment. They were thrilled to join the one-on-one meetings that was one part of the program arranged exclusively for all the members and the attendees of the conference. One of the best part of the event was the speech of Sam Aparo, chairman of FPS, as he reminisced the past tremendous years and people who were behind this success. On behalf of the company, we would like to thank our members for making this event successful and meaningful!

Europe Cargo Ships 1100 Ton Steel Plates

FPS Group member Europe Cargo recently shipped 1100 ton steel plates from Antwerp to Hamad port in Qatar.

Europe Cargo received a request from one of their shippers  and was asked to check the options for shipping 1100 ton steel plates in a single lot. Due to Letter of Consignment, the shipment was required to leave Antwerp latest on 15/07 and arrive in Hamad port on or before 15/08.

Due to the fact that there are no regular conventional sailings for Hamad and chartering was too expensive of an option, the shipment did have its unique challenge. However, a solution was found. Europe Cargo connected with a RORO carrier that offered direct service from Antwerp to Hamad port on mv Morning Chant.

The cargo was delivered by the shipper using 42 trucks in Antwerp port. Europe Cargo then arranged also the discharging ex-truck direct on 13×40’mafi trailers.

The vessel sailed on 13/07 from Antwerp and arrived at Hamad port on 05/08 and the shipment was a success.


LCL Logistix’s Nhava Sheva CFS Moves 53 Buses

LCL Logistix’s Nhava Sheva CFS team has handled a single lot of 53 buses and completed the entire exercise smoothly and efficiently due to teamwork and years of experience.

The process consist of offloading, placing onto Flat Racks, lashing, reloading and moving 53 buses to Nhavasheva Port and transporting together once the loading process was complete.

The movement from the CFS to port was done by LCL’s Transport Division. The buses were shipped to Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This being a time bound operation, the full lot was completed within 48 hours due to the LCL Logistix team working around the clock at a stretch to complete the movement successfully and on time.

Projects FPS Supports Water Supply & Sanitation Project

Famous Pacific Shipping Lanka, Famous Pacific Shipping Group’s Sri Lanka location showed its project shipment capability recently with its support of pipe and parts transportation for the Jaffna-Kilinochchi Water Supply and Sanitation Project in the north of Sri Lanka.

The first break bulk shipment has just recently been completed and consisted of 1,300 CBM of DI Pipes that arrived in Colombo aboard the MV Zhe Hai V from Lianyungang, China. The project logistics team completed the operation within 72 hours.

In total the water supply and sanitation project will involve over 4000 CBM of DI Pipes and 50-75 TEU’s of container cargo that will include pipe fittings and other accessories for the project. For the container shipments as well as the break bulk pipe shipments, Projects FPS, the project logistics arm of Famous Pacific Shipping Lanka will be managing the entire local process to include customs clearance, port handling, transportation to the site 400 km north of Colombo, and stacking at the storage yard.

The Jaffna-Kilinochchi Water Supply & Sapnitation Project is expected to be completed within the 1st quarter of 2018 and Projects FPS will be involved for the full duration of the project.

What is freight consolidation?

Basically, a freight consolidation program involves the consolidation of multiple shipper’s freight (Multiple LTLs / parcels into truckloads). This helps lower costs tremendously & reduce the miles travelled. By building more volume destined to the same distribution center, transit time is also improved as compared to a traditional parcel / LTL service. 

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LEO GLOBAL welcomed Tilog delegates to the impressive ALL Logistics Center

Leo Globallogistics (LEO), FPS Member from THAILAND, winner of the Excellent Logistics Management Award (ELMA) 2016 in the third-party logistics provider (3PL) category from the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), THAILAND exhibited at the Tilog 2017 Exhibition and later on had the opportunity to welcome delegates from Tilog Logistics Exhibition to the impressive ALL Logistics Center.

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