Why Join Our Group? 

Independent freight forwarders are facing a challenging market. It is increasing difficult to find reliable, independent partners at a destination. There is increased concentration, growth and dominance of major multinationals. So as a standalone agent you naturally have restricted buying power. How can you compete? Standalone agents also face the high cost of consignee sales. And today marketing is critically important. How can you get your brand into the minds of shippers and your desired prospects? The fact is that you’re stronger and more competitive as a member of a powerful and connected group




Truly Global System:

With FPS you’re part of a truly global system. We are represented in 149 locations in 40 countries. And our coverage is provided by 29 members and 29 agents.

Strong Sales:

Our group of highly professional members in40 countries will help you effectively sell your services. We have a company intranet which allows us exchange information fast. And all members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which features 1:1 lead exchange sessions and much more. 

Not for Profit:

The FPS Group is structured as a not for profit.  This means every membership fee is reinvested back into the organization. So fees support things like marketing and not generating more profits for owners. All Board members are volunteers and we have minimal salaried staff. FPS exists only to benefit its members. 

Port Limits:

The FPS Group limits membership per port to prevent the dilution of market potential. Many members recognize this as a benefit that has helped them grow their business.

Annual General Meeting:

We host an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where our members are able to meet 1:1 and directly increase communication, sales leads and grow business within the group. The unique aspect is the AGM is hosted by one of our members. This means as host member, you get to network in your home country, showcase your strengths and build powerful relationships. 

Our AGM locations over nearly two decades:

1st AGM: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2nd AGM: Bangkok, Thailand
3rd AGM: Durban, South Africa
4th AGM: Shanghai, China
5th AGM: Tokyo, Japan
6th AGM: Limassol, Cyprus
7th AGM: Qingdao, China
8th AGM: Perth, Australia
9th AGM: Mauritius
10th AGM: Madrid, Spain
11th AGM: Macau
12th AGM: Dalian, China
13th AGM: Bali, Indonesia
14th AGM: Genoa, Italy
15th AGM: Colombo, Sri Lanka
16th AGM: Porto, Portugal
17th AGM: Jakarta, Indonesia
18th AGM: Yangon, Myanmar
19th AGM: Marrakech, Morocco

Recognized Brand:

The FPS brand is well-known, instantly recognisable and will help you win business. Our group is 19 years old and we are widely publicised through global media. We are also present at major industry trade shows. This coverage is earned through a centralised media strategy that benefits all members. 


FPS follows strict entry criteria to ensure high-quality partners. We also have a formal code of conduct with penalties for non-compliance. But we don’t stop there. Our standards include a constant monitoring of members. As a result, we have built a strong reputation over 19 years. And the average length of membership is a huge 12-years. And the great news is that if you’re accepted, then FPS quality is YOUR quality.

Buying Power:

The FPS Group works with every major shipping line and NVO Services worldwide. We are also a regular customer to all major airlines. In fact we move 200,000 TEU per annum, Membership in FPS gets you better service and better rates.

Strong Marketing:

FPS gives you mega-forwarder marketing as a part of your membership. We have exhibition stands at major trade shows like Intermodal Brazil. We also retain a leading freight PR firm to promote your business to the global freight media at no cost. We produce sales literature and a quarterly newsletter. And we have a powerful website which also incorporates Track and Trace and EDI.

Referral Program:

The FPS Group Referral Program is a generous way to reward members for making quality connections. Participate in the referral program and receive a 500 USD discount on your renewal for every referral who successfully joins The FPS Group.  

Business Growth:

Today business growth is connected to the quality of your relationships. The FPS Group provides an exclusive opportunity to network with the most successful consolidators in the global transport and logistics industry. We're open for business. And we're offering an opportunity for the best qualified and most professional consolidators in their country to join us and become a part of the global FPS family.